SuperChook / SuperEquine

SuperChook / SuperEquine


SUPER EQUINE Feed Enhancer has been trialed and tested in the Equine industry with stunning results
and is 
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all horse breeds.

100% Australian Produced, Processed and Packed.
100% Tasmanian Hemp.
Free from Chemicals / Pesticides.
Certified Organic & GMO-Free facility.


* Feed direct out of the bag OR
* Supplement up to 20% of their existing feeding regime OR
* Mix through any commercial bag of livestock feed


100% legal to use in Australia/NZ as an equine/stock feed and has a superior nutritional and fatty acid profile than Chia seed OR any other type of hemp-based feed.


SUPER EQUINE Feed Enhancer is NOT “hemp seed meal” or “hemp protein”.

We believe this has massive potential to help injured wildlife especially (but not limited to) native birds. If you or your organization is involved in animal welfare and interested in trialing SuperChook please contact us for more information.

SuperChook Feed Enhancer is a product by Soma Hemp Foods. 

We support food security & sustainability and for this reason you will never find our product near a “factory farm”.

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